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Achilles "Uhky Uhky" Estremos


Ink & Wash


Ink & Wash

An architect turned artist famous for his "unpredictable but personal" style of simplifying his complicated subjects. Uhky uhky is versatile in various medium from watercolor , acrylic to oil painting. He is very active in regional art community and have been invited as jury in international art competition .

As an avid artist, simplification has always been the fundamental truth about Uhky's works-through manageable line works, sensible shades, shadows and unpretentious colors.

He honestly believe, with a little push and assistance from the start ,everyone will enjoy painting when you make things simpler and comprehensible. Having fun will enable you to explore and develop a process and style that will be very soon personal and unique.

Achilles “Uhky Uhky ” Estremos is not only into painting. He has 26 over years experience with such multi disciplinary interior design groups in Singapore such as KKs International, Banyan Tree, Logam Designs, DBTA Intl., Tema Colleciones, Design Bube, and currently working full time with Silverfox Studios.

As an interior Designer, he has gone though all the facets of design, design collaboration for a Commercial to Retail projects, Residential to F& B outlets, Spa design and Hotel designs for Hotel groups such as “W” hotels, Intercontinental, Hilton, Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental Hotel groups.

Being a flamboyant designer and an honest artist, Uhky Uhky has develop a sense of symmetry and balance between these two conflicting characters , as you can see it through his works and his testaments on social media.

Generally, he has the following guidelines to share.
1. Simplify SHAPES
2. Draw the LIGHT
3. Big brush STROKES
4. and LOVE what you do

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