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    "no hidden agenda
    no goal to achieve
    we do art as it is
    an enjoyment
    a fulfillment
    a passion of the soul"

Our Philosophy

We believe art is an innate call for everyone. Art allows us to live life one step at a time and to discover your refined universe. It opens to us the possibilities of creativity and gives us a deeper awareness of ourselves and transforms us into a better and more sensitive person.

In this speedy pace and practical result driven era, we understand many of us have to give up our passion of art for other job or family commitments.

We believe everyone has the right to go back to art if awareness is promoted and opportunities are given.

At My Art Space, regardless what is your job nature during daytime, we recognize you as artist and strive to give you best training. Instead of fast and hard formulas, we share with you the various way to observe, solid knowledge on materials and techniques, develop your problem solving ability, exposure to contemporary art ideas & concepts and increase your awareness of your strength. We provide a all rounded lifelong art learning opportunity that allow you to develop your unique personal style on your own pace, fulfill social responsibility at the same time and achieve a balanced life.

At My Art Space, we live life with style. Everyone can learn, enjoy, appreciate art and incorporate art in our daily life. It is life.art.style.