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Social Responsibilties

Together with our non profit partner ARTSOLUTE, My Art Space strives to fulfill social responsibility through making effective use of our resources, namely, our knowledge, creations, business activities and personnel.

Founded by Mr Terence Tan, ARTSOLUTE is non-profit organisation dedicated to provide solutions for the arts, businesses, and community through its' art project consultations and management services.

Our efforts to give professional training or bring in hope, relief and happiness for the needy through art.

‘SASCO@KHATIB and SASCO@COMPASSVALE are Senior Activity Centres (SACs) of SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home. The art programmes we are offering to the seniors promote life long learning, allowing seniors to age gracefully and stay relevant in society.

Art Sunshine Program
Our various art programs or activities to bring hopes and happiness to kids under privilege

Open Call-Volunteers for our community project
One of the most satisfying, fun, and productive ways to unite is volunteering for community service projects. Volunteerism helps the community.Reasons to get involved. Why should you lend a helping hand? It feels good. The satisfaction and pride that come from helping others are important reasons to volunteer. When you commit your time and effort to an organisation or a cause you feel strongly about, the feeling of fulfilment can be endless. Together with our non profit partner ARTSOLUTE, My Art Space will be organising community projects like fund raising initiatives, Art nurturing programs in near future. We have wish to develop and nurture children and youth in art. If you would like to be part of our volunteer team please drop us an email and provide us with your details.

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