• Testimonial


Business Banking Group
Very good program. We had fun painting and sharing of ideas. The free flow program allows openness and conversation. Very highly recommended!" - John Chee, First VP, Business Banking Group, Training.
National Environment Agency
The service is very good and the art facilitator is very professional. We have had a jolly good team bonding time." - Cheng Li, National Environment Agency
Unilever Asia Pte Ltd
It was a nice experience coming together & learning how to free ourselves from day-to-day chaos & express our inspiration and creativity. Loved the atmosphere and the venue!" - Unilever Asia Pte Ltd
A very enjoyable and enrichful team bonding event. Strongly recommending to all. Well done, thumbs up!" - Chris Lim, Centre for Continuing Education, NTU
Tan Tock Seng Hospital
The whole art jamming session has created a dynamic platform for all my colleagues to bond, to have fun and at the same time foster stronger motivation towards our institute’s mission and vision. The whole team has enjoyed the process and the painting outcome. Thank you very much, My Art Space!” – Vincent Pang, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Nestle R&D Center
An excellent art facilitator brought our team together, laughing, shouting, smiling and thinking about working together. We had an excellent time, everyone was engaged and motivated. Thanks!” – Stuart Clark, Manager, Nestle R&D Center
I thoroughly enjoyed Shan's teaching during my recent project. I learnt so much from toning and colour to brush strokes and expression. I'm disappointed to have to leave. The studio have been very helpful and the cafe very tasty :) - Sally Rogers, Teacher
Painting is a self-discovery process, one of the many new perspectives on art that I am gaining from the sessions. We are taught not only to have the hands of an artist, but also the eyes to appreciate colours, an open mind to explore the unknown and the heart to enjoy the process.- Vincent, Engineer