Introductory Workshop FAQ

About Painting Introductory Workshop

Q: What is Painting Introductory Workshop?

Foundation level workshop with study of simple still life. 3 hours. Class size 3-10. Structural guidance from introduction of acrylic and oil equipment and materials, paint application, creative perception, drawing and art appreciation basic to explanation of unique learning methodology of our Art Exploration Workshop. Through this workshop, it will provide participants an all rounded understanding of painting and drawing foundation. At the same time prepare all new members better before attending Art Exploration Workshop.

Q: Who should attend Painting Introductory Workshop?

Beginners who wish to pick up foundation and new members wish to join our Art Exploration Workshop. It will provide participants an all rounded understanding of painting and drawing foundation. At the same time prepare all new members better before attending Art Exploration Workshop

Q: Should I decide which medium to use before Painting Introductory Workshop?

No need. Our devoted art instructor will give a clear explanation of the pro and cons of the medium at the beginning of the lesson, You will be able to make decision after that.

Q: I wish to only focus on drawing in future. Should I still join Painting Introductory Workshop?

Yes, please do so! Our Painting Introductory Workshop will cover creative perception and drawing basic that will benefit your study of drawing in future.

Q: Can I skip Painting Introductory Workshop?

We understand some of you are just so excited to jump into the great fun of art creation. But honestly speaking, we need to admit that we strongly believe a solid foundation is still a necessity before being able to be creative. Nevertheless you may do so if you have solid foundation and confident enough to learn independently in our Art Exploration Workshop. Please have a chat with us before making decision. We will be happy to understanding you and give you best advice.

Q: Can I cancel my Painting Introductory Workshop after booking?

Yes, a formal booking cancellation email 3 days prior the date of your Painting Introductory Workshop will do.
In the circumstance of your sickness, last minute booking cancellation accepted with the presentation of MC.
Unfortunately your Painting Introductory Workshop will be voided if no show up or without prior cancellation on time.

Q: How many Painting Introductory Workshop you have every week?

At least twice weekly. Normally Sunday morning 9am-12pm, 4:30pm-7:30pm or Monday 2pm-5pm.

Q: Do I need to bring art materials for Painting Introductory Workshop?

No need, oil or acrylic materials will be provided during the workshop.

Q: If I signed up Art Exploration Workshop package later, do I get my fee paid for this introductory workshop deducted from the Art Exploration Workshop Package fee?

The AE Workshop Package offer is limited, with Introductory Workshop complementary given only to signup who has not attended it before the package signup. So, it will not deducted in this case since you have already attended it.

About how to sign up Introductory Workshop

Q: How to sign up?

Send in your request and any further enquiry through a form at end of our webpage. We will follow up soonest possible during our operating hours for further advice to you.

About our Refund Policy

Q: What is your refund policy?

All fees are not refundable except due to pregnancy and hospitalization reasons. Medical report are expected for such circumstance. Refund amount will be cost of unattended lessons only(excludes lessons bring forward from other package), minus transaction fee if there is any.

Q: When can I get the refunded money requested?

We will refund the money by quick cheque deposit into your bank account within 2 weeks upon reception of a refund application form from you.