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Leah Ang, Housewife, Singapore

“Painting makes me a happier and calmer person because creating art provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives”.

Leah Ang has contributed her painting for "All Walks of Life" Exhibition that we have collaborated with Assisi Hospice and has successfully sold her paintings.

Hi Leah, how long have you been with My Art Space?
I have joined My Art Space more than 3.5 years.

So tell us why you enjoy painting over here and what changes it brings to you?
I enjoy painting because it's fun to learn something new, and also I find that it's mentally and psychologically stimulating. It's also about persevering on what I had started no matter how difficult the piece is and to me, it's a very humbling exercise too, since I will be often told about my mistakes and correcting them. I also enjoy the social aspect of painting, I love introducing friends to engage in this hobby together and also making new friends at the studio. I am also constantly motivated by the work of others in the art studio, this in a way inspires me to build new skills and I learn to appreciate art a lot more.

How do you know about My Art Space and what brings you here?
A good friend invited me to take up classes with her at My Art Space. So we both went for the Introductory workshop together.

Share with us how art enriches your life?
Yes, I do feel that art enriches my life as it generates creativity and fuels my imagination. Exploring this new hobby opens up opportunities to learn new things, take risks and also learning from my own mistakes.