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Member Story Choon Fui & Anne

Choon Fui & Anne

"Painting has definitely added colours to our family life."

About the Artists.
Choon Fui is a church pastor while Anne works in a bank. We are husband and wife for 11 years with a 8-year old boy.

How did the both of you get started learning art at My Art Space?
We were both looking to do something different, to break away from our daily routine. We had been talking about learning to paint and then we chanced upon My Art Space when doing a google search. Glad to know that we can make use of My Skills Future credits to sign up for the course. We had much fun during the first introductory course that we were very sure that we have made a right choice.

How has art bring the both of you closer together?
We now have another common topic that we can share and talk about. When our schedule permits, we tried to arrange to attend classes together so that we can give ideas and opinions as to how we can paint and express our feel in a better way. When we showed our son our paintings, or when we drew and painted at home, our son was also attracted to what we do and wished to join in the fun as well. We now proudly hang our "masterpieces" at home. Painting has definitely added colours to our family life.

How does art enrich your life?
We learnt to slow down our lives and see things with different perspectives. "Art is an expression—an expression of feeling, belief, and character." The process of painting let us not only to express our feelings, beliefs and thoughts other than verbally, it also helped us to understand others through their paintings as well.

Please share on your learning experience and what you like about My Art Space.
We always admire people who can paint and never had thought that we can do so too, until we came to My Art Space. The instructors are very patient and professional They do not just teach techniques, but also teach us how to appreciate art and life. We also get to know people from all walks of life. It is definitely a great place to learn, to connect and to appreciate art and life.

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