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Jacqueline Wang, Singaporean

“The journey of creation is beautiful, often requiring lots of patience and also learning when to let go.”

I am Jacqueline Wang, Singaporean, currently working in Autodesk - a software company which specializes in 3D and engineering software. I lead the APAC operations team. Art and experience at My Art Space has changed my life tremendously. It was purely out of curiosity when I first attended the trial class in 2013 and I could not forget how I felt that day - the sense of calmness that made me wanting to explore this further. The irony was that I was totally uninterested in painting and doesn't even doodle. The environment, incredibly encouraging instructors led me along this journey, so much so that I was able to have my first joint exhibition "Passages" with a good friend in Dec 2015. I was also privileged to be one of the artists to paint on a piano for Play it forward campaign where my artwork was displayed at Bayfront bridge. #playitforward

Papa's Fishballs
"Papa's fishballs"

Art has overwhelmed me and I experimented with acrylic, oil, water-colours, colour pencils and even digital art (Sketchbook pro from Autodesk of course!) and even sculpture. The journey of creation is beautiful, often requiring lots of patience and also learning when to let go. Sometimes inspirations wake me up at 3am, flooding my mind with images and possibilities. I now see the world with colours, lighting and contrast - it's really beautiful but I have never noticed it before.


I have done mostly on realism - every piece evokes strong emotions in me. My abstract pieces and sculptures mostly are about blending life, and crazy lifeforms in my imaginations. It is very difficult to say which I like most - but I can share more on 3. The first was a piece titled "Wheeeeeeeeeeee" a turtle swimming freely in the sea - representing freedom, contentment and fearlessness that I want to embrace. The second is the title "Papa's fishballs" - my dad now sells fishball noodles at circuit road and has been doing this for 60 years. I feel very blessed, to me, fishballs represents unconditional love in his hardships. Last but not least, "4K" is the recent commissioned piece that I just completed, after almost an year. The process of painting 4 lovely children of a good friend is amazing, touching and allowed me to hone my skills.

Art is no longer a hobby - it is a big part of my life. For those who believe they have no talent, I would suggest to give it another go. When stars are aligned - the environment, teachers and your experience - it is beautiful.

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