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"...the most important thing is the pleasure that we have to paint..."

About the Artist.
Hello, my name is Sandrine, I'm French. I have a background in "Town and Country Planning / Urban Studies", but I have worked very little. We left France in 1992 and have lived in different countries: Madagascar, Bamako (Mali), Conakry (Guinea), Dubai, Zurich and now Singapore.

How do you get started in creating art and how does it enrich your life?
Before we left France, I had already started to paint and write (for me these two activities are closely related), but I took advantage of the expatriation and free time that was offered to immerse myself more in creativity. As an obviousness and a necessity... I did a bit of theater, a bit of photography but still painting and writing came back. Two of my novels even been published!
Regarding painting, even if I had ideas, I lacked technique.

Please share on your learning experience and what you like about My Art Space.
At My Art Space, I found several things. The feeling of being legitimate as an artist and belonging to a group. An emulation, No judgment on what we paint, just encouragement. And mostly the technique that I would not have been able to find alone.

I found kind of « my artistic home »

What's your favourite artwork?
I don’t have a favorite artist or favorite painting.
For a painting to please me, you just have to answer « yes » to these questions:
Did the artist have fun painting (or any other feeling but certainly not boredom)?
Would I like to have this painting at home and watch it every day?
Will I be proud to have made this painting?

In this case, we can say that the Van Gogh, the series of Nymphéas from Monet, Jackson Pollock or some Soulages I like (among many other artists).

I do not really like paintings that copy/stick to reality, even if I admire the technique of the painter, I prefer in this case a photo (the photo is also a work of art).

What are you trying to communicate with your art?
Hard to say as I paint instinctively and "in the moment", which is why it's hard for me to stay on a painting for many weeks - too much change in my mood.

Tell us what plans you have for your art future?
To be legitimized as an artist? Exhibit? But it may be too ambitious...
Anyway, the most important thing is the pleasure that we have to paint...

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