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Mable Cheng, Jewellery Designer

“Be yourself, it helps you to establish your own identity. Be happy with what you do, be happy with your interest and hobbies. Painting is what makes me happy.”

Mable and her husband David has been with us for more than 1.5 years. Together, they have been great supporters for all our charity exhibitions and always never failed to grab a few paintings before leaving. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their kind donations.

What strikes them the most about My Art Space is the greenery that surrounds the glass house and the waterfront view! Why painting? To her, it is a great place for both of them to do things and relax together. As for her husband, painting really helps him to de-stress and he always look forward to the next lesson.

Mable's paintings are inspired by each other together with her lovely dog. She is practicing her painting in a series about her dog and hopes that one day, this series can turn into a charity means to help other homeless dogs. Likewise, Mable is also working with an author for a book series on her dog which is also part of the charity plan.

As a designer she hopes that her paintings can give rooms of imagination to people. The paintings tell different stories to different audiences about what inspired Mable. Coming to My Art Space, she gets to interact and meet with different artists and also kudos to instructors like Shan, Le Matt, Chankerk for their unconditionally help and great inspirations.