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Queenie Kou, Self-employed, Singapore

“Painting alone can be isolating. That's why I enjoy going to My Art Space. I make many friends there and Wen Shan's (instructor) insightful critiques on how to improve my paintings are another reason for turning up.”

Painting is my creative outlet and it allows me to express myself. I love portraits. The human facial expressions and form inspire me and make me want to capture and paint them.

​I have been exploring with different medium such as oil, pastel and acrylic. ​Painting at My Art Space has helped me improve on my artistic sense and techniques. Currently, I am working on my first group exhibition. It will be with 5 other artists and will be held from 11 to 24 May at Sprmrkt, a lovely café at 2 McCallum Street, (see link). I venture into this to challenge myself to produce a series of work and also to work with other artists.

Art has definitely enriched my life, I have become more aware of forms and colors around me like never before. It makes me “see” better and makes me more alive! It is not something that I can easily put in words.

Why choose painting? I am always curious and always looking for an art form that can sustain my curiosity and keep me excited as I age. I find painting to be that and it is more age friendly too. I used to quilt and sew but it gets harder with age due to my eye sight.