• New Wing Studio at Compassvale & Khatib

    New Wing Studio at Compassvale & Khatib

    Art Exploration Workshop are available at Compassvale & Khatib. Special offer available. Find out more with us now!

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    Watercolour Workshop
    15% off for 1st 3 signups!

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Member Story - Reetu Bains

Art Workshop Member Story - Reetu Bains

"I find creating art extremely therapeutic for the soul."
Reetu Bains

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Member Story - Kelvin Teo

Art Workshop Member Story - Kelvin Teo

"My mental and emotional self is often challenged and engaged every week through every piece of artwork."
Kelvin Teo

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Member Story - Aimee Francesca

Art Workshop Member Story - Aimee Francesca

"Creating art pulls me toward what is beautiful and true about life."
Aimee Francesca

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Member Story - Aarti Nichlani

Art Workshop Member Story - Aarti Nichlani

"Learning to paint has taught me much about life and about myself."
Aarti Nichlani

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[FREE] Ink & Wash Sketching Workshop-A community initiative from My Art Space

Online-Intuitive Ink and Wash Workshop by Chankerk

Learn from professional artist Chankerk on how to sketch Singapore's historical landmark Lau Pa Sat. Easy to follow e-learning video lessons from tools, basic technique, drawing, composition planning to completion of a sketch step-by-step.

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Member Story - Anastasiya Berasneva

Art Workshop Member Story - Anastasiya Berasneva

"I re-started painting a year and a half ago and I decided to try abstract art and found it absolutely fascinating it is a brand new way to express myself and it makes me feel happy and fulfilled."
Anastasiya Berasneva

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Online-Artistic Contemplation - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Online-Artistic Contemplation - Jean-Michel Basquiat

1. Experience a new way of looking at a painting called generative contemplation
2. Develop your empathy and sensitivity by sharing and discuss insights and different point of views with other partecipants
3. Experience how a generative dialogue can enhance creative co-creation
4. Know more about a contemporary artist and enjoy art appreciation

Date: 18 April, 3-4:30pm
Mode: Online (Zoom)
Fee: $20 public, $15 member

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Member Story - Karen Nix

Art Workshop Member Story - Karen Nix

"Always looking at life as in colours, dark and light and making it a new topic to capture."
Karen Nix, Dutch

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Member Story - Choon Fui & Anne

Art Workshop Member Story - Choon Fui & Anne

"Painting has definitely added colours to our family life."
Choon Fui & Anne

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Member Story - Foo Cher Fong

Art Workshop Member Story - Foo Cher Fong

"Art helps me be more mindful and aware of cognitive biases."
Foo Cher Fong, Singaporean

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A4T® – Creativity development for serious learners

Art4Transformation© & Creativity Session

How do we develop a “creative” mindset in our art practice? How can we integrate it in our life and work? These sessions are designed and facilitated for serious painting learners (art students and artists) looking for a breakthrough in term of creativity and for personal development.

Date: click here, 7pm-9pm
Venue:  My Art Space

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Member Story - Doina Ilies

Art Workshop Member Story - Doina Ilies

"I feel the happiest when I am in an artist’s studio...it feels like I am in a wonderland."
Doina Ilies, Romanian & naturalized American

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Member Story - Cindy Khoo

Art Workshop Member Story - Cindy Khoo

"The artistic process doesn’t always go well, sometimes I get frustrated but in the process I learn to free myself from my fears and self imposed expectations."
Cindy Khoo, Singaporean

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Ubin Kampung Night

Ubin Kampung Night

The residents and volunteers of Pulau Ubin invite you to Ubin Kampung Night on August 15, 6:30pm to 10:30pm!
Join us under the stars as we relax with Tok Tok Chiang's Teochew Opera, childhood games and snacks and drinks at Mdm Ng's provision store.

Date: 15 Aug 2019 (Thu), 6:30pm-10:30pm
Venue: Pulau Ubin Wayang Stage

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Member Story - Michelle Lim

Art Workshop Member Story - Michelle Lim

"I hope my paintings can be a platform for people to feel some love, happiness and hope, as reflected through the bright colours."
Michelle Lim, Singaporean

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"Secret Garden" Members Art Exhibition

Secret Garden Art Exhibition

A showcase of floral related theme artworks by our members - Loena Zakaria, Wong Yik Knee, Charlene Tan Geok Chin, Yong Cai Xian, Christianne Veniles, Rachel Lim Hwee Chern, Lim Ee Chuin, Tan Shu Xian, Agnes Hoo, Woo Boh Chun, Carol Tong, Rita Chua, Sally Wong Sook Fen, Kok Moo Ling, Kathleen Chen, Grace Weng, Loh Choi Ying.

Opening Reception: 4 August, 6.30pm-9:30pm
Exhibition Date: 5-6 August, 11am-9pm

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"Life is Wonderful" Community Art Exhibition Festa

Community Art Exhibition Festa

Come and join this community art event to celebrate the wonder of life at our Sasco Senior Activity Centre in the neighborhood. Paintings of various artists from professional, amateur to our seniors will be displayed in this art exhibition.

Opening Reception: 5 July, 6:30pm-8pm
Exhibition Date: 5-9 July, 10am-8pm

Opening Reception: 10 July, 6:30pm-8pm  (Guest of honour: Mr Teo Ser Luck)
Exhibition Date: 10-14 July, 10am-8pm

RSVP by 26 June

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"Heritage, Nature and The Beauty of Pulau Ubin" Curated Art Exhibition

Pulau Ubin Art Exhibition

Come and visit this art exhibition specially dedicated to Singapore’s last fishing village Pulau Ubin. Various 2D artworks from professional to amateur hobby artists will be showcased during the show.

Opening Reception: 23 June 2019 (Sun), 5-7pm (Light snacks & drinks will be served)
Exhibition: 24-25 June 2019 (Mon-Tue), 11am-9pm

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Member Story - Bhavana Kapur

Art Workshop Member Story - Bhavana Kapur

"When I finish my painting and I am happy with it, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Art makes me feel alive."
Bhavana Kapur, Architect & Interior Designer

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Member Story - Sandrine

Art Workshop Member Story - Sandrine

"...the most important thing is the pleasure that we have to paint..."
Sandrine, French

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Art4Transformation© - by Giorgia Madonno

As already announced in our previous newsetter, Marco Polo Consulting and My Art Space started a partnership to create a movement around the power of Art for Self-Development, Transformation and Creativity development. We are happy to announce the following appointments:

Art4Transformation & Creativity@ Article N. 3

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Member Story - Anjana Rajesh

Art Workshop Member Story - Anjana Rajesh

"I used my art knowledge throughout my teaching career, helping to make my classrooms colourful with wall murals, and children’s artworks"
Anjana Rajesh, Singaporean

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Member Story - Ellis Liu

Art Workshop Member Story - Ellis Liu

"Painting has a meditative effect on me, where I'm able to be in a state of flow and be in the present moment."
Ellis Liu, Singaporean

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Member Story - Derek Tien

Art Workshop Member Story - Derek Tien

"Art allow me to find stability in my life which is full of risks and unknown. As I paint, I become more appreciative and aware of my surroundings: light & shadow; shapes and form, color and value, of natural and created subjects."
Derek Tien

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Open Call - "The Ubin Arts Project"

The Ubin Island Arts Project

Open call to all artists! Come and participate in our “The Ubin Island Arts” project, initiated by My Art Space in collaboration with local residents where selected artists support the cultural interests of Pulau Ubin’s community.

Artists are invited to capture its former quarries and its biodiversity. These artworks will then be part of a group exhibition to be organised by My Art Space in end June.

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Collaborate With Us!

Collaborate with My Art Space

Invitation to collaborate with us to run our exploration package program at your venue!

Contact us if you are interested!

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Member Story - Vian Chan

Art Workshop Member Story - Vian Chan

"I would like to put a smile on the viewer’s face and warmth in their hearts. I hope they will appreciate the cuteness of dogs and just maybe fall in love with them too."
Vian Chan, Singaporean

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Taiwan Sketching and Cultural Exchange Tour

Taiwan Sketching & Cultural Exchange Tour

Date: 5 Mar-10 Mar 2019
Tour Fee:  S$1590 for members, S$1690 per pax for non members
Group Size: Min 16 to go

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New Wing Studio at Sasco Compassvale & Khatib

New Wing Studio at Sasco Compassvale

Great news for residents in North East and North region! We are bringing Art Exploration Painting Workshop to Compassvale and Khatib, 5 mins walk from MRT.

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Member Story - Teresa Hui

Art Workshop Member Story - Teresa Hui

"I like the creative freedom offered by My Art Space. We have a lot of room to explore and experiment."
Teresa Hui, Singaporean

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Member Story - Donna Chiu

Art Workshop Member Story - Donna Chiu

"Art making lets me see a side of myself which is more creative and daring, which is never demonstrated in other aspects of my life, it gives me opportunities to connect to people who share the same interests."
Donna Chiu, Singaporean

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Member Story - Nevaj Kochhar

Art Workshop Member Story - Nevaj Kochhar

"Art creation is a great relaxation therapy, my Garmin watch tells me that my heart beat pattern while sleeping and painting is similar."
Banking professional, Indian

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Member Story - Sue Olivier

Art Workshop Member Story - Sue Olivier

"I love the story-telling aspect of art. I want it to be provocative, open to interpretation."
Talent Management, South African

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Member Story - Purnima Kamath

Art Workshop Member Story - Purnima Kamath

"I feel happy when I am painting. Making art once a week helps me channel that creative energy into various other tasks while I code as well."
Purnima Kamath, Software Engineer

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Member Story - Gek Yin Teen

Art Workshop Member Story - Gek Yin Teen

"I hope to bring smiles through my art and perhaps make the world a place, with slightly more laughter and joy."
Gek Yin Teen, Artist, Singaporean

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Member Story - Jen Koh

Art Workshop Member Story - Jen Koh

"In my painting world, I get to be the magician that creates my world of fantasies.""
Jen Koh, Hospitality Interior Consultant, Singaporean

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Member Story - Lim Poh Choo

Art Workshop Member Story - Lim Poh Choo

"Every painting to me is a challenge to conquer greater height. I want people to enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I did painting it."
Lucy Lim Poh Choo, Piano Teacher, Singaporean

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Member Story - Sourav Bhowmick

Art Workshop Member Story - Sourav Bhowmick

"Art may not change the world but it may change the way we see the world"
Sourav Bhowmick, Associate Professor, Singaporean

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Member Story - Kelly Ser

Art Workshop Member Story - Kelly Ser

"I hope to encourage alternative thinking and attitudes toward stereotyping and the celebration of beauty and courage in individualism.”
Kelly Ser, Strategy and Communications professional, Singaporean

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Art Exploration Painting Workshop Package

Vouchers Promo

Art Exploration Painting Workshop (Flexi 8) @ Istana Park

Art Exploration Painting Workshop (Flexi 8) @ Compassvale & Khatib

$200 Active Learning Credit and Complementary Foundation Workshop

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Kids Fun Art Exploration

Kids Fun Workshop

NEW Kids Fun Art Exploration Package - Flexi 4 @$175 only (u.p$250) & Flexi 8 @$299.6 only (u.p$428).

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Watercolour Art Exploration Workshop

Watercolor Art Exploration Workshop

NEW - Watercolour Art Exploration and Introductory Workshop

Watercolour Art Exploration
8 regular weekly tutored 2.5hr lessons over 8 weeks.
Course Fee: $385.2 (u.p. $428)

Watercolour Introductory Workshop
1 2.5hr lesson.
Course Fee: $65 (u.p. $100)
Next Intake: 12 Mar (Fri), 7:30pm
5 Mar (Fri), 10am

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Member Story - Sophie Lee

Art Workshop Member Story - Sophie Lee

"Art leads us to see a different attitude of life,
The painting does not require perfection,
But the process to complete the art piece can bring you to a different state of mind.”

Sophie Lee, Dentist, Singaporean

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Member Story - Raina Kim Li

Art Workshop Member Story - Raina Kim Li

"For me, art is a part of existing...It is a place of freedom, reflection and expression where I can process life as it is.”
Raina Kim Li, Artist, Singaporean

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Member Story - Mishell Leong

Art Workshop Member Story - Mishell Leong

“There is no right or wrong in art. Go forth and create what feels right to you.”
Mishell Leong, Artist

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Member Story - Nicole Fabry

Art Workshop Member Story - Nicole Fabry

“I celebrate diversity and I hope my work reflects the respect for humanity. I seek to capture moments of joy, sorrow, regret, happiness, vulnerability, strength, friendship and family.”
Nicole Fabry

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Member Story - Ong Ai Ghee

Art Workshop Member Story - Ong Ai Ghee

“I love to experiment with different styles and colours, especially fluorescent colours. It feels dangerous, bold and strong. My paintings reflect my emotions and inner self.”
Ong Ai Ghee, Property management & development, Singaporean

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Member Story - Ong Ai Koon

Art Workshop Member Story - Ong Ai Ghee

“Art to me requires a different form of commitment that is required from work. In a way, I feel that it requires a lot more than just plain hard work and determination to get an excellent painting.”
Ong Ai Koon, Finance Director, Singaporean

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Member Story - Giorgia Madonno

Art Workshop Member Story - Giorgia Madonno

“The objective of painting is not the perfect reproduction of a picture but the expression of a meaning and of ourselves.”
Giorgia Madonno, Italian

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Member Story - Michelle Ang

Art Workshop Member Story - Michelle Ang

“I hope to constantly question and never stop challenging myself to go beyond my concept and perception of ‘good’ art.”
Michelle Ang, aspiring wordsmith, writer and editor

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Small Painting Charity Art Exhibition

Open Call Charity Art Exhibition

Beneficiary: Ren Ci Hospital
Opening: 19 Feb 2017, 7-9pm
Exhibition date: 20-21 Feb 2017, 10-8pm
Venue: My Art Space

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Member Story - Jacqueline Wang

Art Workshop Member Story - Jacqueline Wang

“The journey of creation is beautiful, often requiring lots of patience and also learning when to let go.”
Jacqueline Wang, Singaporean

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Member Story - Irene Chua

Art Workshop Member Story - Irene Chua

“Involvement in art makes me notice many aspects of this wonderful world...”
Irene Chua, Singaporean

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Gift Package

Get a second Flexi 8 package* at 20% off for your loved one with signup of Art Exploration Flexi 8 package (Both 1st and 2nd sign ups must be first timers).

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Member Story - Leah Ang

“Painting makes me a happier and calmer person because creating art provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives”. Leah Ang, Housewife, Singapore

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10 reasons why everyone in Singapore should learn art

Painting can be considered as an individual activity even if it is conducted as a workshop or classroom. Through painting, the student enters into their own world. As quoted by Twyla Tharp "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."

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Member Story - Queenie Kou

“Painting alone can be isolating. That's why I enjoy going to My Art Space. I make many friends there and Wen Shan's (instructor) insightful critiques on how to improve my paintings are another reason for turning up”.
Queenie Kou, Self-employed, Singapore

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Why everyone should sketch

Exercising your creative mind is as important as exercising your body. Nothing else is as handy as carrying a sketchbook and of cause with a pencil.

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Member Story - Mable Cheng

“Be yourself, it helps you to establish your own identity. Be happy with what you do, be happy with your interest and hobbies. Painting is what makes me happy.”
Mable Cheng, Jewellery Designer 

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Member Story - Clarrisa Koh

“Joining My Art Space is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Even the very-reluctant-to-start and wanted-to-quit-as-soon-as-possible husband loves painting now! Need I say anything more?”
Clarrisa Koh, Chemistry Teacher

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Member Story - Michelle Ma

Art Workshop Member Story - Michelle Ma

“Art connects me with people from all over the world. Fans of my art often say they feel the emotion and spirit when viewing my paintings.”
Michelle Ma, Artist

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Member Story - Marie Law

Art Workshop Member Story - Marie Law

“Art helps to take my mind off the daily hustle and bustle of life, work (last time) and daily 'noise'. It allows me to experience the wonders of continuous learning.”
Marie Law

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Member Story - Leong Kah Wai

Art Workshop Member Story - Leong Kah Wai

“I am interested to covey my emotions more through my paintings. I hope that my audience can have their emotions evoked when they lay their eyes on my painting within a few seconds.”
Leong Kah Wai, Health & Safety Industry, Singaporean

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Member Story - Huixin & Jan

Art Workshop Member Story - Su Huixin & Jan Croeni

“Besides being a tool to express myself, art offers a place of stillness. It's rather meditative to do art for art's sake without any outside disturbances. Also, doing art together with your life's love is very enriching!”

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Things to do at Fort Canning Park

Nparks Fort Canning Park

Did you know that there are a lot more things to do at Fort Canning Park than just catching #Pokemon? Fort-unately, Sarah is here to show you in this week’s Out&About[at]Gov.sg.

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Member Story - Monica Aggarwal

Art Workshop Member Story - Monica Aggarwal

“I don't have an individual style because I believe painting is creativity that should not be limited, and should be explored in different forms, styles and textures.”
Monica Aggarwal, Teacher, UK

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Acrylic or Oil Painting Class

Can't decide between learning oil or acrylic painting?
Read this article to find out about their differences.

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"Beauty of Nature" Exhibition

Beneficiary: Assisi Hospice
Opening Night: 27 March 2016, 7pm-9pm
Exhibition: 28-30 March 2016, 10am-8pm
Venue: My Art Space Lv 2 Pavilion Gallery

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Charity Portrait Drawing Workshop

Beneficiary: Sunlove Home
Date: 18 Nov 2016 (Fri), 7:30-10pm
Fee: $50 (All materials will be provided.)

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"Loving Nature" Charity Solo Exhibition with Music Concert

Beneficiary: Nature Society (Singapore)
Opening Reception: 22 May 2016, 7-9pm
Exhibition: 23-24 May 2016, 11am-8pm
Venue: My Art Space

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All Walks of Life Charity Art Exhibition

Beneficiary: Assisi Hospice
Opening Night: 13 December 2015, 7pm-9pm
Exhibition: 14-16 December 2015, 10am-8pm
Venue: My Art Space Lv 2 Pavilion Gallery

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