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Your kids deserve the best! Learn and enjoy true fun of art creation at our very ambient waterfront studio in the park. We trust each child is a unique artist on his or her own. We facilitate their art journey with essential skills of drawing/painting techniques, imagination and creativity. Various expression and communication driven fun art projects will be explored from time to time. We encourage curiosity, develop awareness of “there is no mistakes, just fun of rectifying and developing art” into children, which will help to develop their creative and problem solving abilities in their future. Not to miss for parents who believe children learning should be fun!

  • Explore art fun with different mediums, techniques and themes.
  • Personalised guidance according to your child level
  • Suitable for age 4-12
  • Small class size 10:1
  • Trial lesson available at $40 (T&C apply)

Duration & Schedule

4 1hr 15min lessons over 6 weeks OR 8 1hr 15min lessons over 12 weeks
*Notice of missed lessons latest 12hrs in advance. Replacement of missed lesson subject to availability.  

Current available time-slots:

Istana Park
Sat: 1:30pm-2:45pm, 3:30pm-4:45pm

Jan-Mar 2020 Lesson Plan

*Projects subject to change and modifications.

Jan 2020

Week 1
Artist Study - Calder Primary Color Paintings
Medium: Acrylic painting
Element: Line, Shape and Form
Week 2-3
Cinderella's Carriage
Medium: Mixed Medium
Element: Symmetry, Texture and Value

Feb 2020

Week 1
Artist Study - Georgia O’Keeffe’s architectural art “The Shanty”
Medium: Mixed Medium
Element: Line, Shape and Space
Week 2-3
Animal Eye Prints
Medium: Printmaking
Element: Shape, Texture, Symmetrical and Contrast
Week 4-5
Blue Heron
Medium: Mixed Medium
Element: Value, Texture and Decoupage

Mar 2020

Week 1
Medium: Watercolor
Element: Organic Shapes and Contrast
Week 2-3
Artist Study - Henri Rousseau “The Storm Tossed Vessel“
Medium: Soft Chalk Pastel
Element: Line, Shape and Value
Week 4
Cereal Box Grid Drawing
Medium: Color Pencil
Element: Line, Space and Balance

Oct-Dec 2019 Lesson Plan

*Projects subject to change and modifications.

Oct 2019

Week 2-3
Potter Ram
Medium: Watercolour
Element: Space, Texture and Contrast
Week 4 – Nov week 2
Artist Study - Pablo Picasso “Three Musicians”
Technique: Acrylic painting
Element: Space, Shape and Pattern

Nov 2019

Week 3
Rococo Fan
Medium: Hand Craft
Element: Form, Balance and Texture
Week 4 - 5
Artist Study - Claude Monet “Impressionist Waterscape”
Technique: Acrylic painting
Element: Shape and Movement

Dec 2019

Week 1 - 2
Perspective Winter Tree
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Element: Perspective, Value and Proportion
Week 3 - 4
Portrait – Rembrandt Guard
Technique: Oil Pastel
Element: Form and Facial Proportions.

July-Sept 2019 Lesson Plan

*Projects subject to change and modifications.

July 2019

Week 1-2
Sea Otter
Medium: mixed medium
Element: Line, Texture and Value
Week 3-4
Artist Study - Gustav Klimt- Golden Era Women
Technique: mixed medium
Element: Line, Shape and Pattern

Aug 2019

Week 1
Watercolor Cake Collage
Medium: mixed medium collage
Element: Balance, Space & Pattern
Week 2
Artist Study - Andy Warhol- Soup Can
Technique: Maker Drawing
Element: Line and Form
Week 3
Handcraft: Puppet & Paper 2D Dolls
Medium: Paper Collage
Week 4
Three Bears Family Portrait
Medium: Oil pastel
Element: Line and Texture

Sept 2019

Week 1
Grumpy Monkey
Medium: Mixed medium
Element: Texture and Facial Expressions
Week 2-3
Desert Landscape
Technique: Marker
Element: One point perspective
Week 4
Printmaking - Fish
Medium: Poster color
Element: Space and Shape

Special Offer

4 tutored 1hr 15min lessons on flexible schedule within 6 weeks, whichever comes first

8 tutored 1hr 15min lessons on flexible schedule within 12 weeks, whichever comes first

(Inclusive of painting and drawing materials, except apron)

Lessons booking T&C apply
Booking or Cancellation 12 hour in advance to avoid forfeiting of lessons.

Trial lesson available at $40 (T&C apply)

*T&Cs apply. Special Offer is valid for new registrant only. Limited seats for all offers. First come first served.

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